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Sterabrush® Toothbrush Sanitizing Solution | Single Bottle


Keep Your Toothbrush Clean

  • Unlike other options on the market, with Sterabrush you won’t have to use complicated UV light systems that consume electricity. Instead, with Sterabrush, you can clean your toothbrush in under a minute using natural ingredients. Crafted using water, xylitol, natural essential oil extracts complex and other ingredients, it’s easy to use, and compact in size so it’s a breeze to take with you on holiday, weekend trips or family visits
  • HOW TO USE: One of the best advantages about the Sterabrush Solution is that it’s easy to use and quick acting. Just wet your toothbrush with water, hold your toothbrush in the sink and spray 3-5 full pumps or more as needed over the brush. Allow solution to saturate into the toothbrush bristles and the surrounding surface for 1 minute. Rinse your toothbrush with water before use, apply toothpaste and brush as usual. Each bottle contains 96ml of solution (3.2 FL OZ)